Dear Diary,

t oday I've met a group of stupid Aussies. I can't actually believe how arrogant they are, especially this guy called Garth. He thinks that the Goldmud route has been closed for years and he has explained that he has managed to get into Tibet apparently. I think he has no idea what he is talking about. How can an idiot like him reach Tibet! Just the thought about it is impossible. Garth is so jealous of me and tries to make me down! But it's completely true that I've risked my life and it was very dangerous to get there. Of course I wanted to impress some girl but who wouldn´t do that? I am not able to tolerate this bullshitter that is calling me Pinktrousers! Can you belief it? Well, I'll thankfully never see him and his group again. So I promise to forget him and to have nice and peacefully weeks. All I'm gonna do is just go on and do what I feel!

I'am going to write soon.  ​

Life, Peace and Love