General information Edit

  • often referred to as the Gita
  • sacred Hindu scripture
    • written in Sanskrit
    • written between 5000 and 2000 B.C.
  • part of the Hindu Epic Mahabharata
  • Dialogue between Prince Arjuna and his Guide Lord Krishna

Content Edit

Arjuna has to fight his relatives, close friends and his teachers, so he asks his charioteer and guide Krishna. The God incarnate Krishna tells him his duties as a warrior and a prince by explaining several philosophical concepts.

Chapters Edit

  • The Gita consists of 18 chapter
  • Division by Madhusūdana Sarasvatī
    • Chapters 1–6: Karma yoga or the means to the final goal
    • Chapters 7–12: Bhakti yoga or devotion
    • Chapters 13–18: Gyaana yoga or knowledge, the goal itself

Dharma Edit

  • fundamentally means "what is right"
  • In the Gita heroism is valued highly as the Dharma
    • Krishna wants Arjuna to follow his swadharma (The Darma belonging to each person in a specific varna)
      • Axel Michaels says Krishna wants him to fullfill his duty as a warrior (kshatriya)
    • to fullfill his duties as a warrior (Ksatriya)