Dear diary,

my dad decided that I should marry my cousin but I don’t even love her that’s why I don’t wanna marry her. Unfortunately my dad doesn't understand me so he doesn’t allow me go home until I say yes.

I was so confused and didn't know what to do and where to go, so I packed some stuff and took some money and credit cards from my uncle and took an airplane to Bangalore. When I arrived at  the hotel, I met Dave again. I felt happy to see him again, because I knew I wouldn't be alone on my journey. After telling Dave what happend, I asked him if he wanted  to join me on my trip to Kovalam. I paid cause I wanted to live in a good hotel. In the first night I've already met an indian girl, but even if I spent a night with her she actually was a bit too young for my taste. In the afternoon we took the speedboat to a beach where we met two friends of Dave, Fee and Caz. We allowed them to stay with us in our 2 rooms, which was the worst idea ever. After I ordered four breakfasts to my single room, the boss of the hotel came and found out that we were four, not two. He told me stuff like 'You people have no morals' and we should leave his hotel. His words really hit me. Do I really have no morals? I don’t know. I don’t think so I should probably go back to my family, apologize and say yes to the marriage because in my opinion the most important thing in this world is to make the family happy.