And I'm not from Surrey (p. 130 - p. 143)

  • arrival in Udaipur
  • Dave's is only sadly thinking of Liz
  • arrival in Ahmedabad to buy a ticket to Bombay
  • Dave doesn't want to talk to any Indians, only to a man from Manchester which ends in a conflict because the man describes Dave as ignorant and racist
  • arrival in Bombay to buy a ticket to Goa

Comfortably numb (p. 144 - p. 152)

  • arrival in Colva Beach, a place Dave likes on one hand, but on the other hand he feels very lonely and makes a kind of self-finding-trip
  • Dave observes other travellers there but he himself is kind of an outsider
  • Dave meets two girls and decides to travel with them to Kerala because of two reasons (first he doesn't want to be alone anymore and second he wants to sleep with Sam)

Everyone's had it (p. 153 - p. 168)

  • arrival in Bangalore
  • goodbye from Sam and Claire
  • Dave nearly enjoys his first meal in India which isn't Indian food and wasn't healthy for him but has a dialogue of bad diseases in India as a consequence
  • Igor, another traveller, helps to cure Dave and leaves afterwards
  • Dave feels sorry for himself but then he finally leaves hif hotel room