The real India

  • J turned up and told Liz how to smoke a joint
  • J organized a day-trip
  • Dave and Ranj talk on the way
  • Ranj tells Dave that all Indians only want the money of the westerns and don`t respect them

Maybe the places were the shit bits

  • Liz, J, Ranj and Dave travel to Dharamsala
  • Ranj gets well with Liz and J
  • Dave enjoys traveling
  • Liz tells Dave that their (for Dave) "sexual" relationship is over
  • J meets old school friends
  • Liz, J, Ranj and Dave decide to go to Pushkar

Was it amazing?

  • Liz meets Fee (an old friend)
  • Fee was three months at a leper colony
  • Dave is quenched

The from-a-heigt thing

  • Liz and Dave detach
  • Liz changes the room

That`s that, then

  • Ranj gets caught
  • Ranj´s big brother attacks Dave
  • Liz wants to got to an ashram
  • Extreme big dispute between Liz and Dave

Cross-cultural interchange

  • Dave decide to go to Ajmer
  • Dave missed his bus and got on with Liz, Fee and Caz
  • Liz thinks that Dave follows her
  • They travel with the same train
  • Dave is clompletly alone after the drive